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Why You Should Have a Will

A will is a legal document that lets people know how you want your assets, finances and other possessions to be distributed once you pass away. Even if you don’t have many assets, and you are not well off, you should still consider creating a document that outlines the desires that you have when you pass. The following are three reasons that you should create a will today:

Peace of Mind for Family Members

The number one reason to create a will is to give your family members a peace of mind. Even if you do not have much, you still have something. If you don’t create a will, then you run the risk of having your possessions handled by someone who doesn’t know you or your family. This person may distribute those assets in a way that would make you unhappy instead of satisfied. It’s best for you to just take the time to outline where you want everything to go now so that there is no confusion over it later. Siblings won’t have to argue amongst themselves because your desires will be right in front of them in plain English. Image result for Why You Should Have a Will

Pets and Jewelry

Your dog or your cat may be the reason that you need to contact http://www.sharonravenscroft.com/what-we-do/areas-of-practice/family-estate-plans and get help creating a will. If you don’t decide where the animal should go when you die, it may be sent someplace that you don’t want it to go. Additionally, you should set something up or your electronics, furniture, jewelry and the like. You may have a child or relative that you don’t mind giving these items to. You can make life a lot easier by assigning that to someone so that no one has to play a guessing game. 

Burial Requests

One of the most important reasons to create a will is to establish your desires for burial. Many people do not specify how they would like to be buried, and then they end up getting cremated, which is something that they do not believe in, for the sake of the family saving money. If that is something that you don’t want to do, then you need to have it down in a legal document so that no one can accidentally do something with your body that you absolutely do not want them to do with your body.

Start on Your Will ASAP

If you are ready to create your will, you can contact a legal specialist and begin the process. You can just tell that person that you would like him or her to start working on your legal document. You should have one in no time. In fact, some specialists can have an official will drawn up for you the same day that you request it. You just have to make sure that you request help from the right specialists. Don’t delay creating one because you never know when you will completely run out of time. Get started making your statement today.


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