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What Are Bitcoins That You Use On Bit Monster

In order to fully understand Bit Monster you need to understand that Bit Monster is all about bitcoins. It is an investment institution for using bitcoins to make money like all investment institutions. So what is a bitcoin?

What is a bitcoin?

A bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology and functions with no banks or central authority. Real dollars or credit cards all have banks or central authorities issuing them. The managing of transactions and issuing bitcoins is carried on collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-sourced; its design is public, nobody controls or owns bitcoins and everyone can take part. It has many very unique properties. Bitcoin allows many exciting uses that might not be covered by any other payment system.

Mobile phones

Bitcoins on mobile phones lets a person pay with just 2 steps – scan-and-pay. You don’t need to:

  • Type in a PIN
  • Sign up
  • Swipe your card
  • Nothing to sign

And to receive a payment from bitcoins is to display the QR code that is found in your bitcoin wallet app. It lets your friends scan your mobile phone or touch the 2 phones together – using NFC radio technology.

Like email

Just like email, you will not need to ask family members to use the same software or the same service providers. Everyone sticks to their own favorites. Everything is compatible as all use the same open technology. Network for bitcoins never sleeps – even on weekends or holidays.

Cross any borders

Sending bitcoins across any borders is as easy as sending your bitcoins to your neighbor next door. There are no banks making you:

  • Wait 3 business days
  • Pay fees that are extra for making transfer international
  • No special limitations on maximum or minimum amounts send

Bit Monster

After learning more about bitcoins then you can go to Bit Monster and learn about making money using bitcoins.

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